Fresh and Delicious Uzbek Cuisine in Brooklyn

Tsob-Tsobe! brings the delicious and vibrant flavors of Uzbekistan right to your door or table. Our South Brooklyn café offers a traditional yet modern take on Uzbek cuisine. Our delicious recipes, exemplary service, warm and inviting atmosphere and full menu of top-shelf wines and cocktails offer a well-rounded and unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re originally from Uzbekistan and are looking for familiar and authentic fare or are looking to take your palette to new and delicious places, Tsob-Tsobe! is your next choice for lunch or dinner. We offer lunch and dinner reservations by phone at 718-676-2444 or convenient and expedited online delivery. View our menu here.

Bringing Uzbekistan to Brooklyn

Tsob-Tsobe! offers a deep and delicious look into Uzbek culture through our fresh and mouthwatering dishes. We firmly believe that this region offers some of the most delicious and flavorful recipes in the world, and we’re committed to sharing the wonderful cuisine of Uzbekistan with New Yorkers at our café in Brooklyn. Finding a true Uzbek restaurant in Brooklyn, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, can be tough. Tsob-Tsobe! is committed to serving quality Uzbek recipes to bring something new to the Brooklyn dining landscape while satisfying New York residents who have emigrated from Uzbekistan. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a real taste of home and something new and exciting all on one plate.

Real and Authentic Uzbek Dishes

As an Uzbek Restaurant in Brooklyn, Tsob-Tsobe! knows how important it is to “get it right” and deliver some of the most treasured and delicious recipes from this rich culinary landscape. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Uzbek salad, a hearty rice pilaf or some traditional and authentic manti, our menu is sure to please all customers, from the most seasoned Uzbek native to the newly minted diner. We also have a full selection of delicious desserts and cocktails for you to enjoy after dinner. With wines ranging from Napa Valley to Chile to Australia, a full menu of draft beers on tap, and signature cocktails sure to satisfy, Tsob-Tsobe! has provided a perfectly rounded dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere for and affordable price. Check out our food gallery.

Come In And See Us Tonight

We are looking forward to serving you and your family quality and authentic Uzbek cuisine at our Brooklyn restaurant. Please feel free to make a lunch or dinner reservation by calling 718-676-2444. We also recognize that you might not be able to get out to our Brooklyn café, and can bring our menu through convenient and quick delivery. Call us or go online to have the wonderful tastes of Uzbekistan delivered right to your door. A culinary passport to Uzbekistan awaits you at Tsob-Tsobe!. Let us transform your lunch or dinner experience with fresh ingredients, delicious dishes and world-class service.

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