New Turkish Restaurant in Brooklyn

New Turkish Restaurant in Brooklyn

Tsob-Tsobe is a new Turkish restaurant in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, which offers excellent dining experience and a stellar performance in the kitchen. When we were designing the interior, we wanted to create more then just a restaurant, we wanted to be part of the community and share it with people that live here.

We serve brunch, lunch and dinner, in addition to accomodating a dinner party of up to 50 people in our private room.

Tsob-Tsobe’s décor offers four separate state-of-the-art areas – incorporating organic materials and earthy tones. It truly inspires a zen feeling for our guests, which makes dining here both relaxing and pleasant.  Our menu will meet the culinary criteria of vegetarians, meat lovers, foodies, or any lover of delicious Turkish food on the lookout to excite their taste buds. Interested in closing an important business deal, or enchanting a significant other? Look no further! Our doors are open, so come on in and experience the fine dinning of Tsob-Tsobe!


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