A Brooklyn Café and Restaurant Serving Quality Mediterranean Food

Prepare your palette for a next-level Mediterranean dining experience. Tsob-Tsobe! Café is South Brooklyn’s premier Mediterranean restaurant offering fresh and authentic fare at affordable prices. Our flavorful, traditional and inspired dishes, first-class customer service and warm and inviting atmosphere provide the perfect night out for those seeking to satisfy their craving for delicious and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine. Call us today at 718-676-2444 to make a lunch or dinner reservation, or if you can’t make it out, we offer convenient online delivery. Let us bring the best Mediterranean food from our South Brooklyn Café right to your door. We look forward to feeding you and your family. View our menu here.

A Full Menu of Delicious and Fresh Mediterranean Dishes

At Tsob-Tsobe!, we understand that any eatery that labels itself a Brooklyn Mediterranean restaurant needs to back it up with respect for the traditions of Mediterranean cooking and adherence to the history and quality of the region’s culinary landscape. Our world-class chefs are well versed in the finer points of Mediterranean cuisine and look forward to satisfying all palettes. Whether you’re in the mood for our garlic and white-wine sautéed shrimp or our delicious and satisfying calamari, we are determined to bring the culinary treasures of this region to your table or your home. Come and taste for yourself.

An Unmatched Dedication to Fresh Ingredients

If there is one style of cooking that lives and dies by the freshness of its ingredients, it’s Mediterranean. Our chefs and prep cooks realize how important freshness is to preparing quality dishes and use only the freshest seafood, seasonal produce and spices to deliver the best-tasting cuisine. We take our obligation to our customers and the Mediterranean food landscape very seriously, and strive to deliver best possible food for you and your family day in and day out. This commitment to freshness and quality has made our South Brooklyn Restaurant and Café a trusted source for the finest Mediterranean food. Check out our food gallery.

After Dinner: Sweets and Spirits

Once you’ve experienced the next-level Mediterranean food at our South Brooklyn café and restaurant, Tsob-Tsobe! is ready to offer you a full menu of freshly prepared desserts and refreshing cocktails. Our wine list features varietals from all over the world, including California, Chile, Germany, Australia and more, and we have an extensive selection of beers on top, including Blue Moon, Stella Artois, HofBrau and more. Our signature cocktails are the perfect way to top off the evening. For those not wishing to drink, Tsob-Tsobe! offers a variety of coffee and tea selections for that little something extra to enjoy with your dessert.

Make Us Today’s Choice for Lunch or Dinner

Tsob-Tsobe! can’t wait to serve you the finest Mediterranean food in Brooklyn. To make a reservation for lunch or dinner, call 718-676-2444 or simply order online for take out or delivery.

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