A Delicious and Authentic Azerbaijani Dining Experience

Although the country is an ocean away at the center of Southwestern Asia and Southeastern Europe, you can still experience fresh, delectable and traditional Azerbaijani cuisine right here in New York. Tsob-Tsobe! is a South Brooklyn Azerbaijani restaurant conveniently located on Coney Island Avenue. Our authentic and mouthwatering dishes, world-class table service and relaxed and inviting atmosphere make us an ideal choice for your next dining experience. Whether you’re an Azerbaijan native looking for a taste of home or a curious diner looking to try new and delicious recipes, our extensive menu of quality fare is sure to please. Call us today at to make a lunch or dinner reservation or simply order online for convenient delivery. View our menu here.

A Full Menu of Azerbaijani Delicacies

Although the Azerbaijan community is one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States, it can still be incredibly hard for them to get a real and genuine taste of home. Tsob-Tsobe! is looking to reverse this trend, one plate at a time, by offering traditional and modern Azerbaijani cuisine at our Brooklyn restaurant. Whether you’re craving our simple Azeri-inspired vegetable salad or some warm and satisfying Azerbaijani soups like dushbara or piti, you can find it here. We also offer authentic kutabi and a variety of other regionally inspired recipes. Come in for a taste of the familiar or simply to expand and delight your palette.

Fresh Ingredients Make the Best Dishes

As an established Azerbaijani restaurant in Brooklyn, Tsob-Tsobe! knows how important it is to use the right ingredients to bring out the freshness and flavors or this remarkable culinary world. We are committed to using the freshest meats and seasonal produce, as well as authentic Azerbaijani spices to maximize the quality of our dishes and pay the proper amount of respect to this region and its wonderful cuisine. The difference can be tasted in each bite, from our soups and salads to our cocktails and desserts. Visit us today to taste for yourself. We can’t wait to serve you and your family. Check out our food gallery.

Enhancing the Dining Experience

After you’ve enjoyed some of the delicious and fresh delicacies at our Azerbaijani restaurant in Brooklyn, we invite you to partake in our extensive and delicious menu of desserts and cocktails. Tsob-Tsobe! offers a full wine list with vintages that span the globe, from Napa Valley to Australia. We also have a selection of quality beers on tap, including Blue Moon and Stella Artois, and delicious rum and champagne cocktails for you to enjoy. From the moment you walk in the door of our café, we strive to provide you with a next-level dining experience that will keep you coming back. Come for the Azerbaijani food and stay for the delicious sweet and after-dinner drinks.

Feel free to call us at 718-676-2444 to make a lunch or dinner reservation. For those who can’t make it to your restaurant in Brooklyn, we offer convenient and quick online delivery.

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